Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1998 - Retreat at Shangri-La

16th March - 30th March 1998, in the Daoist 35th cave heaven, Shangri-La, I taught the first Channel Small Heavenly Orbit study group. There were 26 students in total and in the end 14 of then attained Channel SHO, they all developed the accompanying abilities such as internal viewing, remote viewing, automatic meridian movements and self-guided movement of internal qi. Like them, I was very excited and emotional. After all, this is a key step in authentic daoist cultivation.

Before the class someone asked me, "can we really open up the SHO ?" I said, "sure." "For half of us ? " "I bet at least 10." I said. In reality, I believed I could definitely help someone to do it. But I wasn't so sure about the exact number. In the end, I was very encouraged by the result even thought it had been difficult work. The most important thing was that I gained a lot of confidence, the confidence to help other to open up the SHO.

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Radu said...

Hello. Very interesting blog :).I really would like to practice some training you describe. Do you know where should I start with?
Thank you very much:)