Sunday, June 1, 2008

1993 - Writing "Walk on the Great Path" (1)

New Year Day 1993, I called Master Wang to wish him a good holiday. He said, "If you are not able to complete the book, then don't write it." I thought it's time for me to start.

The reason I kept delaying the book was that I didn't have much confidence to do it. In my second year in high school in 1980, I didn't write too many essays. I also failed the Chinese and English Language exams in 1983. I told myself at then that, "The worst subjects in my life are going to be writing." When I went to college, I took a writing class and I began writing diary and letters, only because of this that my writing skill had improved slightly. But with that level of writing skill, I wasn't too sure I could write an entire book on my own.

I had attended seven seminars by Master Wang between 1987 - 1992, my friend Liu Yapi attended one, so i have eight complete sound recordings of Master Wang's lectures. At the same time, I collected all available information on Master Wang since 1985. I was probably the one person in the world who had collected the most information on the practice. After each seminar, I tried to convert the recording into word as soon as possible. In the beginning, I needed 7 -8 hours to complete it. Once I got the hang of it, it only took me 3 - 4 hours later. During that period, my only hobbies were reading and organizing materials on Ling Bao Tong. I organized them into different topics and collect all the relevant materials in each group with repeated content removed. The end product was the material for the different gongs Master Wang had taught, I asked Liu Yapi to type them into computer.

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Thank you for this. How can we find the book?