Saturday, May 31, 2008

1990 - Discussion of Dao at the Police University (4)

I asked Master Wang : whether the Three Immortals Methods really need 12 years to complete.

Master Wang : "If we are only talking about the methods themselves. If the teacher can do good daigong, then 6 years is also possible. If the student has good foundation and the teacher daigong well, then 3 years is not impossible."

I asked: "Can anyone open up the channel small heavenly orbit? (*) "

Master Wang : "If the instruction was followed properly, anyone can do that."

This conversation had inspired me to think and explore ways to complete the Three Immortals Method quickly and properly.

(*) This is not the small heavenly orbit (or microcosmic orbit) that most people talk about. This is a major level of achievement in Longmen Pai. More on that later.

1990 - Discussion of Dao at the Police University (3)

During our discussions, I told Master Wang that I taught two small classes in my company. Master Wang said it's better to register with the local Qigong Council if I want to teach. I asked him, "What do I need to register?" "I will write you a recommendation letter, once they know you are my people, they will accept your application. I also know the chairman of the qigong council in your province, there won't be any problem." Afterward, Master Wang wrote me two certificates, one to use inside China, the other for oversea use. The letters said "Chinese Qigong Science Research Council Ling Bao Tong Zhineng Neigong Shu Advanced Instructor", he also made me an official stamp, public and private seals. As far as I know, this is the only instructor certificate that Master Wang had ever issued. However, I never used them fully. One reason was that how can i call myself "advanced" in front of Master Wang? The other reason was that I seldom taught classes, I only did them to make some travel expenses for attending Master Wang's classes. But the most important reason was that Master Wang had warned me: "Without 10 years of practice, don't teach properly, otherwise it won't be good to yourself." Therefore, I only came out to teach in 1998.

1990 - Dicussion of Dao at the Police University (2)

The modern qigong craze in China began in the early 80s, people were curious about qigong, they found it refreshing and magical and hence the passion about qigong was high. Many different pai sprung up and there was a positive environment for qigong growth. For an enlightened master like Master Wang who hide in plain sight, he didn't have intention to teach publicly, instead he used this opportunity to inspect the methods of different schools. There were two reasons that made him change his mind on teaching:

(1) At that time, there were some people who taught under the banner of Longmen Pai but in reality there were fake. In order to maintain the reputation of Longmen Pai, the only way was to teach authentic Longmen Pai neigong.

(2) A party leader was healed by Master Wang in Beijing. He recommended Master Wang to the Chinese Qigong Science Research Council afterward. The research council asked Master Wang to teach a few classes. Master Wang agreed after he had obtained permission from the old masters. In 1985, Master Wang taught the authentic Quanzhen Longmen Pai neigong, "Ling bao tong zhineng neigong shu" (The Art of Spiritual Jewels and Intelligence), for the first time publicly. Through Master Wang's lectures, demonstrations, healing and daigongs etc, the common people got their first taste of what authentic Longmen Pai Neigong is like. Every organizers and students have very high regard of Master Wang. Not long afterward, the Qigong Research Council established a specialized qigong research subdivision for Ling Bao Tong. At that time, under the direction of the Chinese Qigong Science Research council, only Ling Bao Tong and the authentic Buddhist practice, Cangmi Gong, were permitted to have a Category 2 specialized study group established. All other methods were classified only as Category 3. Master Wang also became a major member of the Qigong and Special Ability Inspection Team. Out of the 22 so called "great qigong masters" at that time, Master Wang verified 17.

Of course I also knew about the methods, abilities and level of some of the so called "great" masters. If at university, I looked at and understood qigong from a superficial level, then from that time on, I was looking at it from a higher level, I can see it from a practitioner point of view to learn about qigong, including their levels, advantages and deficiencies.

1990 - Discussion of Dao at the Police University (1)

In February 1990, I learned from a phone call that Master Wang was going to enroll in the Chinese Police University in Shenyang. After some major effort, I managed to get a business trip to the Northeast where I could meet up with Master Wang. I went to the campus immediately once I arrived in Shenyang but Master Wang had not arrived yet. After waiting around for another two days, Master Wang showed up for the university registration. Since the school year had not begun, no one knew Master Wang there. This gave me a great chance to talk to him individually. Over the half a month we were together. We talked about every topics I could think of and I greedily asked him all kind of questions. Master Wang not only answered my questions in depth, he also told me things that not many people in the world knew about. Due to reasons that I am not to elaborate further, I can't disclose most of the content we discussed but I will reveal some here in this blog.

Monday, May 19, 2008

1989 - Direct Transmission (3)

My understanding is that : the "Theory of the Three Worlds" and the "Formula of the Universe Creation" represent the highest level of teaching in Taoist practice, it is the essence obtained by successive generations of Taoist masters through neigong and their understanding of the Dao De Jing, it is the compass to guide our practice. It divide the Universe and our World into three levels and provide the appropriate thinking model for each, it is the objective understanding and the rewards obtained by the Taoists of the universe. It looked very simple but in reality it is rich in content and penetrating in its insights, it includes things that are hard to experience and comprehend by common people because it include ideas that can only be gotten by practitioners through advanced taoist neigong.

It was in one of our several conversations at that time when Master Wang said, "I am standing before you as an old Taoist from before the Qing Dynasty, you are standing on the foundation of modern science. We converse from these positions and from our conversations, we exchange and converge our ideas, and from the convergent we refine our understanding." I didn't quite understand what Master Wang mean at that time, but I constantly think about it. As time progressed and through countless practice, learning and rethinking, I began to appreciate its meaning: "An old Taoist from before the Qing Dynasty" represent the way ancient Chinese civilization look at the world , "the foundation of modern science" represent the abstraction of nature through modern science. Due to the differences in histories, thinking models, theory and the way they look for truth in the two cultures, the conversations between these two civilizations will inevitably create new wisdoms and shed new light on our understanding of the world.

1989 - Direct Transmission (2)

When the Monkey King in "Journey to the West" was a taoist magic apprentice, he cleverly got the hint from his master and so sneaked out of bed at midnight to learn kung fu directly, it showed that he was smart and has great capacity to learn. I thought why shouldn't I do the same? Therefore after Master Wang finished his lecture and after we began our group meditation with the teaching assistants, I sneaked out of class to look for Master Wang. He led me to a quiet area and use a tree branch as pen and the ground as paper to outline and explaine to me the "Theory of the Three Worlds" and the "Formula of The Universe's Creation". Each of this session lasted an hour for a total of seven times. When he knew it was about time, Master Wang would say, "Go back inside quickly, the class is about to finish." I quickly went back inside and pretend to meditate for a while. When everyone began the closing sequence, I followed and "close" as well. When the seminar was about to end, Master Wang began to lecture the "Theory of the Three Worlds" and the "Formula of The Universe's Creation" to the class. To other students, these were brand new contents and they were very curious about it although they couldn't accept it just then. To me it was the conclusion and the summary of my "extra-curricular" activities in the past week. When the class ended, Master Wang came to me and said, "I lectured this for you." , I nodded my head and quietly put this into my heart.

After Master Wang's teaching, my mind was stimulated, my brain was always in a state of excitement and wonder. My mind was very active and I seemed to be able to see the world in a whole new level. I was unable to sleep several nights because I was thinking all night long, new ideas would just sprung up in my mind constantly. I remained in this state for four years, I only calmed down after I finished "Walk on the Great Path". (*)

(*) Sequel to "Opening the Dragon Gate", written by Mr. Shen and published in 1994. Not available in English.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1989 - Direct Transmission (1)

May 1989, Master Wang organized a seminar in the Shenyang Railway Secondary School. I used the same trick again by asking the Liao Ning Qigong Science Association to send me an invitation letter. I took the letter to see my boss to ask for some times off. The chairman of the workers' union asked "Didn't you just go last year ? " I told him "It was an introductory class last year, this is the advanced class." The chairman agreed after some consideration. Can you imagine that a fresh college graduate who didn't have any connection, dared to ask for time off work twice within a year to learn qigong ?

When I got to Shenyang, I saw Master Wang was surrounded by a crowd of student chatting with him. When he saw me, he broke off from the crowd and walked directly to me to shake my hand and chit chatted briefly. I was very touched and surprised by this special treatment.

One day in class in Shenyang Secondary school, I wrote down a question on a piece of paper to ask Master Wang, "What is Yin gong? What is Yang gong?" The paper got passed along several students to Master Wang's hands and he answered the question immediately in class. After class, Master Wang came over to where I was spacing out and asked me "Did you ask that question ? " I said, "Yes sir" "Next time you don't need to ask me this way, just come and ask me directly." Master Wang said. "Yes sir, I will." I said.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1988 - Sealed my fate with Dao at Louguan (5)

10 years later in Oct. 1998, I went to Louguan again to visit the old lady's grave and prayed for her. When i got back to Xian, I stayed in aunt Wu's home, she told me another facet of this incident.

The old lady who died 10 years ealier was called Ms. Qiao. She was from Beijian and had been attending Master Wang's class since the very first event in 1985. She was a good friend of aunt Wu. Aunt Qiao had cardiac problem and her pacemaker had already stopped working two years before the Louguan seminar.

Master Wang cared very much about aunt Qiao and he had told her before, "Why don't we collect some money together to pay for a new pacemaker." But aunt Qiao was very stubborn, she asked Master Wang, "What if i don't change it?" "You won't live more than three years if you don't get a new one." Master Wang said. But aunt Qiao still insisted on not getting one. Master Wang told her then, "If you don't get a new one, I will spent the next three Mid-Autumn festival with you." In the end, Master Wang spent the Mid-Autumn festivals of 86, 87 at aunt Qiao's home. In October 1988, aunt Qiao was in the hospital, when she heard that Master Wang would be teaching in Louguan, she insisted on going and no one could change her mind. When Master Wang saw her, he knew there would be problem and asked her to go back to the hospital immediately. But aunt Qiao insisted, "I am not going back there no matter what you say. If I die, i will die here." Afterward she registered as a taoist practitioner with the Loguan Temple. Before the mid-autmen festival in 1988, aunt Qiao passed away in Louguan, perhaps she chose louguan because she thought that was the best place to depart.

Aunt Wu was involved in helping us from the moment not long after aunt Qiao had collapsed to finally when we carried her to the morgue. She saw that when i carried aunt Qiao on my back, there were dirty substances flowing out of aunt Qiao's mouth and onto my neck. She heard about what other people said about me and she was quite worried even though she didn't know me at that time. She went to seek out Master Wang, "Master Wang, I beg you to do me a favor. There is a fresh college graduate who had helped alot in Ms. Qiao's incident. He is a good person, he shouldn't befallen into any diaster. Please can you protect him?"

Master Wang didn't say anything at that time, but from a serie of events that happened afterward, I can see that Master Wang had done a lot for me behind my back. He has helped me, influenced me and taught me to become who I am today.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

1988 - Sealed my fate with Dao at Louguan (4)

All these wonderful experiences at Louguan were great but what impacted me the most, and I can even say what changed the course of life, was another incident. At the time, the living condition at Louguan was less than desirable. There was only one public restroom for everyone, so I decided to Bi Gu (*). In the afternoon one day, after the lunch break I wanted to use the restroom, when I walked there I saw an old lady leaning against the wall. I thought she must be waiting to use the restroom but suddenly she collapsed. I quickly went to help her but she was already unconscious. I asked a few people to come and help me to move her to a nearby room. Many people then came to help us, some tried to revive her with first aid and some went to look for medicine etc. Not long afterward, Master Wang walked in and solemnly said "Get her to the hospital." Someone managed to get hold of a car and a few of us carried her inside. After we arrived at the hospital, I carried her on my back to the ER. The doctor on duty did some diagnosis and said, "She is already dead, we won't accept her here.". With no other choice, we carried her to another hospital. We didn't mention that she is already dead and asked for first aid, after some diagnosis the doctor said, "The patient is already dead." We asked what should we do and the doctor said "How can we do anything? Just send her to the morgue". We did what we were told.

I didn't think much about this incident at the time, I just felt that this was the right thing to do. After I got back to the seminar, i quickly immersed back into the practice again. However, some students had very strong reactions, someone said "Carried a dead person before marriage will get haunted by ghost all life!". The Taoist master at Louguan said after he heard this "This is a good child. The good child has great moral, no disaster will happen." He penned four words "Dao Fa Zhi Yeng" (Translator's note : roughly translate to The divine art of Dao) for me as a memento. The Shannxi Daoist Association buried the old lady as a daoist practitioner and they pray and perform rituals for her every year.

(*) Bi Gu : means literally to avoid grains. A daoist practice where the practitioner stopped eating for an extended period of time.