Saturday, May 31, 2008

1990 - Discussion of Dao at the Police University (4)

I asked Master Wang : whether the Three Immortals Methods really need 12 years to complete.

Master Wang : "If we are only talking about the methods themselves. If the teacher can do good daigong, then 6 years is also possible. If the student has good foundation and the teacher daigong well, then 3 years is not impossible."

I asked: "Can anyone open up the channel small heavenly orbit? (*) "

Master Wang : "If the instruction was followed properly, anyone can do that."

This conversation had inspired me to think and explore ways to complete the Three Immortals Method quickly and properly.

(*) This is not the small heavenly orbit (or microcosmic orbit) that most people talk about. This is a major level of achievement in Longmen Pai. More on that later.

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ZenHG said...

I was wondering what sort of breathing techniques you refer to here?