Monday, May 19, 2008

1989 - Direct Transmission (3)

My understanding is that : the "Theory of the Three Worlds" and the "Formula of the Universe Creation" represent the highest level of teaching in Taoist practice, it is the essence obtained by successive generations of Taoist masters through neigong and their understanding of the Dao De Jing, it is the compass to guide our practice. It divide the Universe and our World into three levels and provide the appropriate thinking model for each, it is the objective understanding and the rewards obtained by the Taoists of the universe. It looked very simple but in reality it is rich in content and penetrating in its insights, it includes things that are hard to experience and comprehend by common people because it include ideas that can only be gotten by practitioners through advanced taoist neigong.

It was in one of our several conversations at that time when Master Wang said, "I am standing before you as an old Taoist from before the Qing Dynasty, you are standing on the foundation of modern science. We converse from these positions and from our conversations, we exchange and converge our ideas, and from the convergent we refine our understanding." I didn't quite understand what Master Wang mean at that time, but I constantly think about it. As time progressed and through countless practice, learning and rethinking, I began to appreciate its meaning: "An old Taoist from before the Qing Dynasty" represent the way ancient Chinese civilization look at the world , "the foundation of modern science" represent the abstraction of nature through modern science. Due to the differences in histories, thinking models, theory and the way they look for truth in the two cultures, the conversations between these two civilizations will inevitably create new wisdoms and shed new light on our understanding of the world.

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David L. Parker said...

Yes, I understood what he was saying.

And your point is very important about the models that we make about the universe.

The models that we construct from childhood limit our comprehension but also make efficient for use to move about in this society.

But that mobility also limits our interacts, which influence our consciousness and beliefs.