Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2000 - Detailed Research

Since I requested that all participants to write a practice diary that need to be turned in to me and also that they send me any progress they made at home, I had collected a huge amount of first hand experience and all the phenomenona associated with Ling Bao Tong. These are very precious materials, when combined with our methods and the classic texts, a coherent picture connecting the theory, methods and verifications had emerged. I had done a meticulous study of these materials and produced a series of reports on each specialized topic :

(1) "Summary of the Specialized Study Group" : An overview of the four Channel SHO study group.

(2) "The moment of attainment" : all the phenomenona that happened at the moment of attaining Channel SHO from every student that had achieved it. All physiological transformations that happened the days before and after attaining of Channel SHO together with each person's unique body and mental condition and their practice habits. This is very helpful for me to improve on the methods.

(3) "Special report on individual" : specialized report on a few unique individuals.
(a) "Nu Dan Gong 1" : The complete record of the woman who successfully finishing the entire Nu Dan Gong (Female Practice).
(b) "Nu Dan Gong 2" : Report on attaining "Cut the Red Dragon".
(c) Achieving Channel SHO for 80-year-old.
(d) Achieving Channel SHO for 78-year-old.
(e) Practice record on The Three Immortal Method.

I compiled everything into one volume "Channel SHO study from 100 persons". There are of course materials that I didn't include in the volume, they are mainly techniques that I had developed and my experience as the teacher.

To me this is a record of my endeavor in the area, the process is still continuing but it has been a major step from theory into practice, from the ethereal into the tangible.


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David L. Parker said...

I have been reading your translation of the blog of Wang Liping's mentee.
Is there anyone that is able to accept individuals who are none Chinese speakers and guide them though the process?
It appears to me that there is a conscious effort to expand Taoism beyond the boundaries of China.
Who will be the transmitters in the English and Spanish (none Chinese) speaking cultures?
If we are to save this planet then the Taoist ripple must move across the ocean.