Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1999 - I attained Channel SHO

The most controversial part of my Channel SHO study group was that : I hadn't attained it myself at that time. i.e. I helped 41 persons attained the level of Channel SHO without myself being at the level first. This is unbelievable, but it is a fact.

After I had sent everyone off the mountain at Taoyuan, I stayed there for 20 more days. A few friends from Taoyuan kept me company and to help me recover. We were already proficient in opening the SHO in terms of techniques required. As long as one follows step by step with my method, channel SHO can be achieved. But in reality, the program's success were very much due to my friends from Taoyuan. Daigong is very tiring, it meant I was very tired, but since the first specialized class, the students who attained Channel SHO always came back to help the new students, this had become an unofficial tradition. The friends from Taoyuan were among the first batch of students who attained Channel SHO. After three or four seminars, their kung fu were already very good and they were also very experienced in the methods. The more important though was that everyone had became part of a team, whose goal was to help each other in achieving higher and higher level. Everyone in this team had only one goal in mind, and this was to improve in any way possible the techniques that we were using. Unsurprisingly, with their help, I attained Channel SHO. I even attained it while sitting in full lotus, only one person out of the 41 students did the same thing.

Nevertheless my kung fu wasn't that high at that time. I helped them opening up the SHO which had used up a lot of my strength but they helped me attained that level in return. After I left Taoyuan, my SHO moved very weakly, my strength was up and down, I wasn't able to maintain at a good and stable level.

After some time, I realized that the four specialized classes had completely exhausted me and left my body in a terrible condition. I didn't have any serious illness but I was weak for a long time. Only after an extended period of training, rest and Chinese medical treatment was I able to recover slowly.


Qaexl said...


I have been reading about Master Wang Liping on and off after encountering his book. If I may ask, are you still teaching these days?


David L. Parker said...

I am very impressed about what you have said about the members of your group working together and helping each other progress and grow.
It reminds me of a Taoist poem that the I heard when I was young and has remained with me.
There once was a wealthy man that was victimized and left at the side of the road.
A stranger happens by and assess him.
The man say that he is so grateful that he would like to something for the good samaritan.
But the man refuses.
The wealthy man says, but why? I am a wealthy man and I can give you anything.
The samaritan says, once I had fallen into an unfortunate situation and a stranger helped me and all she asked is that I help 10 others. And then goodness would flow over the land like the ripples on a pond when a pebble is dropped in.
I was one of her ten and you are one one of my ten.