Monday, August 4, 2008

1999 - Third Time at Shangri-La

The 4th and final Channel SHO study group was held from 10th April 1999 to 29th April 1999 at the Daoist 35th Cave Heaven, Shangri-La again.


27 students attended the seminar. 2 had already attained it, 25 hadn't. They were from many different parts of China. The oldest was 70 and the youngest was 24. Average age was 42. In the end 14 students achieved SHO, a success rate of 56%.

The logistics and experiences of students who were successful were very similar to previous three seminars. I would only like to point out a few observations.

(1) Taiji Chuan are helpful to Channel SHO. Mr. Lin from Xi'an has practiced Ling Bao Tong for more than 10 years already, he had also practiced Taiji Chuan for many years. He attained SHO on the 6th day and after that his organs qi would move automatically along different meridians. On the 10th day, he has opened up the horizontal channels. When the class finish, he was at the level of the "Golden Liquid Restorative Elixir".

(2) Ms. Yao from Shenzhen had various very serious illnesses but with the help of Shen Laoshi and her own hard work, she was able to attain SHO and improved her health greatly.


subishii said...

Hi Ken,

Very exciting to read a new post, thank you!

Just one question, maybe I missed something but what is TTIM?


Ken said...

TTIM = The Three-Immortal Method