Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1999 - 100-person experiment

In 1996, I taught 10 persons, none was successful. In 1997, one got it. From March 1998 to April 1999, I taught 80 persons and 40 were successful. This completed my 100-person experiment. It was an unique study, very difficult during the process but the result was satisfactory.

An unique study: by accumulating empirical experience in order to improve and perfect the methodology of Channel SHO, I was able to continuously improve my understandings and continuously combining the theory from the classics and the practical methodology. If one persists in this scientific way of studying the ancient Chines art, one can certainly benefit greatly.

A difficult process: I undertook this non-mainstream journey on my own. In order to study this thousand years old puzzle carefully and scientifically, I had to give up a lot of leisure and luxury of the material world and more than once, when I was stuck in a particular difficult situations, I had thought of giving up. Luckily, with a clear head and a well defined goal, I was able to persist and ultimately my effort was paid off.

A satisfactory result: 100-person experiment, a success rate of 50% how could I not be satisfied? Well, 100% will certainly be better and this had become my target.

A rewarding experience: dandao had always been shrouded in mystery, to tackle this problem is a satisfactory intellectual problem. More importantly, dandao is the pinnacle achievement of ancient Chinese civilization, the Chinese tradition places much emphasis on the intuitive and the emotional which made it hard to understand because of it's intangibility. However, within the intangible, there underlined a rational and logical structure. To empirically study on this rational portion will help us understand and learn dandao more efficiently.


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This blog is very nice, kudos on the translation work! I particularly agree with the last paragraph of this post (being both a person interested in longmen practices and who works in the physical sciences). Keep up the good work!

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