Saturday, September 13, 2008

2001 - Editing "Walk on the Great Path"

I sent my "Channel SHO study from 100 persons" to Master Wang, he asked me to reorganize and refine the portions on the practice methods, this is the same as preparing a new edition of "Walk on the Great Path".

When I wrote "Walk on the Great Path", I only had a superficial understanding of dandao and only I only concentrated on the beginner materials. After 14 years of practice, 10 years of teaching experience and 4 years of research on Channel SHO, I had reached a new level of understanding. When I was preparing the new edition of "Walk on the Great Path", I should add my own thought into it:

(1) "Walk on the Great Path" concentrates on the foundational portion of Ancestor Chong and Lu's dandao, i.e. the level of "Refining the body to accumulate qi". I must present the materials from the point of view of practicing Ling Bao Bi Fa by demanding the same level rigor as required in TTIM, so that more students can be successful and "enter the door".

(2) Due to the great compassion of Master Wang, he has revealed to the world the complete foundational practice of Longmen Pai. The remaining question is whether the world know its value? How much can they understand and how much can they accomplish?

(3) The Nu Dan Gong revealed by Master Wang is a highly structured and integrated system, each level has its methods and each method has several stages. The Three Immortals Method is also integrated and "each level has its methods and each method has several stages", hence this is the principle I used when preparing for the new edition of "Walk on the Great Path".

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David L. Parker said...

I agree that process is very complicated and very strenuous.

Reading the "Opening the Dragon's Gate", Master Wang Liping became frustrated many times and only with the help of the 3 masters was he able to continue on his path.

How can we here in the western hope to aspire to that level of consciousness/discipline without guidance?