Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Guidance Part 7.

Early Morning: Stood in front of the old divine tree, spirit light appeared immediately. The circular light was white and sightly brown outside and black in the center. After pulling it a bit, the color changed to white outside with some rainbow color and the center was gold color. Retrieved it back to lower field and it began spinning immediately, the qi circulated in big and small circles and in different directions. Then I retrieved the light again and the Macocosmic orbit started running, the speed was too fast for me to count the number of cycles, it must had been about 200 times. During the cycles, when it was slowing down, I would strengthen my intention at the yong quan points and then it would speed up again. After the orbits, I closed my eyes to do Ping Heng Gong, suddenly the tree became a giant white column and there were some crossectional light loops. The qi moved from the bottom to the top just like the meridians in the human body. During Zhan Zhuang, the macrocosmic orbit ran again for another 200 times. New latitudinal orbits were also circulating. I looked at it carefully and recorded thir positions and number. I finished up after 2 cycles of five elements. The entire practice was about 2 hours long.
I asked about the tree light column, Shen laoshi said, “Trees also have channels where they transport the nutrients.“ he further added that “The number of loops and their position you saw are correct.”
Lifes and nature are so wonderful and mysterious!
Morning: I took a tour of the Qi Zhen Dian. I stood in front of the oil pine tree in front of the temple for a brief moment. Once I closed my eyes, the light appeared immediately, its color was just like the sun. Retrieved it down to lower field and it immediately began to spin, the Macrocosmic orbit also spun for a few dozens times. The qi of the oil pine tree was soft but full, the tree has a beautiful and respectable appearance. Afterward, I went inside the Qi Zhen Dian, after praying my respect and burned an incence, I sat down to meditate for a bit. The spirit light was liked the rising sun at dawn, when I retrieved it back, its color changed into sparkling gold, it was very strong and limitless, it poured directly into my lower field. I kept at this state while I slowly stood up, I continued to retrieve the spirit light and not long afterward the macrocosmic orbits started runnning for a few dozens times. The power of this authentic ancient temple was so great!
Afternoon and evening: Full lotus, light appeared immediately, I collected the golden color light in my lower field. Macrocosmic orbit started running and also the new latitudinal orbits. During ancestral chamber and five elements practice, the Macro orbit also started running for about 200 cycles. I sat in full lotus for almost 2 hours and my legs hurt a lot, but the meridians seemed to be auto correcting themselves and the pain reduced, although the pain was still too much for me and I took one leg down.
After tuning my body and looked up, spirit light appeared again, I collected down to my lower field and the true breath happened again. I got into a trance, semi-conscious and dream-like. Suddenly, my legs started shaking and I felt that there were three channels moving up and down and the pain in my legs disppeared and the Macro orbit started running again. I was in this state for a while longer and then I finished up. The entire practice was about 200 minutes.
After migdnight: Full lotus, took light into the lower field. Qi started spinning in big and small circles inside the lower field. Tuned my breath, inhaled, held an exhaled. When I was holding my bretah, the lower field started breathing, a rope-like white qi band was leading the lower field to breath, then slowely, my ordinary mouth nose breathing stopped and skin breathing began. Macro orbit started spinning. When the lower field started spinning, the top part would exhale and the lower part would inhale, rising and lowering regularly. During Macro orbit, it raise from the back and fall at the front. It was very comfortable and I got into a dream-like trance state again. I was like that for an hour.
Early morning: Met with the old divine tree, light appeared immediately. The first time I condensed the light to a small point, it escaped. I tried it again and collected it to the lower field. The lower field started spinning and the Macro orbit also started running. I could see the dvine tree with my eyes closed as though my eyes were actually opened., the only difference is that it seemed to be cleaner and clearer with my eyes closed. During zhan zhuang, I could see mountain, lake, sky and bamboo forest etc.
Morning: Full lotus, light appeared, ignored daoyin. Collected light to lower field. Dantian started spinning. I continued to collect the spirit light which was light blue color. I used my intention to spin my lower field while holding my breath, I could feel the true breath. True breah stopped when I heard the daoyin for ancestral chamber practice. Collected spirit light down to lower filed again and the Macro orbit started to run. Probably because I did full lotus for too long the day before, my legs hurt a lot so I changed into half lotus. Not long afterward, Macro orbit started again until I finished the session.
After lunch, we packed up to go back into the city. Our car broke down though so we had to stop at a service pit to get it repaired. At the mechanic's, it was still possible to make out the location of the Qi Zhen Dian and the Oil pine. Shen laoshi said it is possible to retrieve the spirit light of the temple even from this great distance, so I decided to try it. The spirit light of the temple appeared in front me immediately and not long after, the oil pine's light also arrived. How did I tell the difference? I remembered the different colors of the spirit light from yesterday. So I sat in the mechanic’s place and faced Mount Xing long to meditate. Not long afterward, the spirit light of the temple and the tree appeared although the pine tree’s light was weaker than the temple’s light. Both light were somewhat weak at first but it got stronger and stronger gradually. After I collected all the light in my lower field, I was going to do five elements but the lower field started spinning on its own, so I let it do its thing. This lasted for about an hour and in between, true breath appeared and I could hear the surrounding sound, I felt like I was about to get into a trance. The qi slowly flowed into my lower field and the Macro orbit started running, I let it ran for almost 1000 times until our car was fixed.

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