Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Guidance Part 1.

I began assisting in Master Wang’s seminars and teaching on my own since 1991, so I have 20 years of Dandao teaching experience. In the past, I almost always teach to group of people but occasionally I did offer teaching to individual.

In 2002, I taught a friend from Beijing on Xing Long Mountain, originally plan was to teach for 10 days, he opened up his Channel SHO on the 9th day.

In 2004, I taught a friend in Lanzhou, he was hospitalized for 40 days due to an injury to the intervertebral disc in the lumbar. I taught him once a day and after a month, not only did he open up the Channel SHO, the lumbar injury was also healed up nicely.

In 2005, I taught a Chinese American lawyer, planned to teach for 10 days and he opened his SHO on the 7th.

In 2008, I taught a pair of sisters, planned to teach 10 days, the younger sister open her SHO on the 5th and the older one follow suit on the 7th day.

In 2010, I taught a Chinese American friend in Shenzhen, I planned to teach him how to gather internal medicine I 10 days, in the end when he worked on the 5 elements, his organs produce qi efficiently and vibrate easily. Till now, whenever he worked on his organs, he can produce qi efficiently and vibrate.

In 2011, a friend introduced a Korean scholar to me. After getting to know each other better, I felt that he has a deep affection and understanding of Chinese culture, he also has a great cultivational foundation, therefore I decided to teach him individually for 30 days, 20 days to open the SHO and 10 days to protect and strengthen the result and he must keep a practice diary. Every day, he would hand his diary to me to show me his experience from the practice. He has agreed to publish his diary to share with other dao friends. I thank him for his sincerity and generosity.

Shen Zhigang.

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