Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Guidance Part 3.

As instructed by Shen laoshi, I continued to practice everyday for a month. Then I came to Lanzhou again on 9th May 2011 to continue my study of authentic internal alchemy.

Shen laoshi furthered my study by systematically instructed me on the crucial steps of internal alchemy (Set up the stove and install the cauldron, internal medicine, external medicine, fusion of elixir and channel SHO).


Morning and evening, we practiced enhanced method of gathering internal medicine, no reaction in my organs.

Morning : Continued enhanced gathering of medicine, no reaction.
Evening: Continued enhanced gathering of medicine, organs began to vibrate and got stronger and stronger.
Morning: Continued enhanced gathering of internal medicine, organs continued to vibrate strongly and I almost lost control. With the guidance of the teacher I was able to take control again.
Evening: Same as in the morning, after tuning my body position, I was able to control myself nicely.

Morning: Use the first method of Ling Bao Bi Fa to practice the three-universe breathing and lower field, I could actually feel the stove and cauldron in “Set up the Stove and Install the cauldron”, very interesting and wondrous feelings.
Evening: Began to gather the external medicine, I could see the spirit light going down to my lower field.

Morning: Practiced gathering of external medicine. I could see the spirit light but found it hard to condense them.
Afternoon: We packed out stuff and headed off to Mount Xing Long.
I had read the annontation of the Wu Zhen Pian by Liu Yiming and now I could come to the place where he cultivated, I had a deep respect for this place.
Morning: Enhanced method to gather the internal medicine, I could see the colors and their changes inside my organs.
Afternoon: Continued enhanced gathering of internal medicine. Not only was I able to see the changes of the colors inside my organs, the outside bodily vibrations caused by the internal organs' vibration is calming down and getting into my internal body. The high frequency vibrations of my organs gave rise to a feeling that are interesting, calming and comforting, very special.
Evening: Practiced Ping Heng Gong, I worked on a thousand-year-old giant pine tree. I could smell the fresh pine scent which permeated my entire body. This was my first contact with this divine tree and already I had this wondering feeling. I was very excited.

Early Morning: I practiced Ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree. Again, I could smell the clean refreshing pine scent. When I was doing Zhan Zhuang with my back facing the tree, I could see different outlines of many temples with my eyes closed. Shen laoshi said that Liu Yiming had built over 70 temples on this mountain, no wondering I could “see” so many.
Morning: When I was working on the external medicine, I could see great deal of bright yet transparent spirit light that permeated my whole body. When I condensed the light in front of my eyes, I retrieved it down to my lower field, it felt like a stream of water flowing down from the upper field, though the middle field and into my lower field. My three fields were bright like a sunny day.
Afternoon: Same as the morning.
Evening: Met with the divine tree again. When I was doing the Zhan Zhuang, I could see spirit light of deep green color flowing down into my lower field for more than 30 minutes. Afterward I "saw" many temples again.

Early Morning: Met with the divine tree again. The pine tree qi flowed through my ten fingers into my body and collected in my lower field. During Zhan Zhuang, I saw with my eyes closed a tree in front of me. Shen laoshi explained that this is “reflection to the origin”.
Morning: During external medicine, the spirit light in front of my eye was sparkling and was making popping sounds. I could feel its incredible strength and it made my head vibrate. When I retrieved the light back into my lower field, my lower field started spinning and vibrating rapidly at the same time.
Afternoon: During meditation, once I closed my eyes, a flood of bright golden color spirit light appeared in front of me. The light then changed into white color. When I retrieved the light, it felt like unlimited amount of it was filling into my lower field. My lower field wouldn’t stop vibrating. When I worked on Installing the spirit at the ancestral chamber practice, the strength of the spirit light was too great for me to condense.
Evening: Met with divine tree again. During Zhan Zhuang, I continued to see the ancient temples, the mountain, the streams and old tea-colored walls of houses.
Nighttime: Secret supplementary practices.

Early morning: Zhan Zhuang in front of the divine tree. With eyes closed, I saw mist-like spirit light filling into my lower field for more than 30 minutes. Fresh pine scent and flower fragrance flowed into my nose.
At nine old clock in the morning, Shen laoshi said I am ready to try the Channel SHO. I burned some incense and prayed to the heaven. When everything was ready, I got into the full lots position. I regulated my breath, clamed my mind and strengthened my stove and cauldron. I felt that my lower field was burning and vibrating rapidly. After that, the Hui Yin point also began to vibrate then the qi flowed up my Du channel, the three gates on my back was broken though at once, my Heavenly eye point felt like it just exploded, my whole body was burning and inflating. There were many sparkling light on my body, liked firework. My tongue rolled backed and blocked my throat, I found it really hard to swallow,. Then suddenly after a “GU LU” sound, a hot stream flowed down my Ren channel into my lower field. After that, qi was like a spinning wheel inside my Ren and Du channel. When it was flowing slowly, it felt like an inch-wide white light. When it was flowing quickly, it felt like several light streams. The qi was flowing freely and there was absolutely no blockade. After letting it flowed like this for about 10 minutes, Shen laoshi asked me to stop. After getting off the lotus position, I felt relaxed and happy and I thanked my teacher.

There was an interesting anecdote to this.
I met with Shen laoshi before dawn, he said, “I dreamed at midnight that I went to visit a classmate in Qingdao, there was a long fish pond, more than 10 meters long and 1 to 1.5 meters wide, the depth was between 1.5 and 2 meters. Inside the pond, one can see many big fishes playing and chasing each other. There were many spectators around the pond and among them were friends and colleagues. Suddenly a fish jumped out of the pond, the owner picked it up and throw it back into the pond. When a fish jumped over the dragongate it became a dragon. I think this is a sign that you will open your SHO today.”
I opened my SHO around 9:20 in the morning, the teacher said I was the 108th person that he helped to open the SHO. 108, a very nice and auspicious number.
Afternoon: Sitting practice, I saw that the spirit light was clear and bright, my strength to condense qi had become stronger. SHO flowed again.
Evening: Ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree, I saw the temples again and I smelt strong flower fragrance.

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