Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Guidance Part 5.

Early morning: Practiced Ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree, while the mist-like spirit light was pouring into my lower field, another stream of spirit light entered the side of my left eye. My lower field vibrated and spun rapidly, SHO spun automatically.
Morning: While gathering of external medicine, I found it much easier to condense but still I couldn’t condense all the spirit light. The light used to be pure white in colour but today it has a tint of green in it, very bright and transparent. Once the light got into the lower field, my SHO started on its own again. At first I was only able to feel the part of the SHO orbit below my neck but after I increased the strength in the lower field, the entire orbit could be felt easily.
Afternoon: When fusing the elixir, the retrieved spirit light immediately appeared in front of my eyes. I didn’t listen to the daoyin and immediately collected the light into my lower field. The light poured down into my lower field like a giant waterfall and I could see many drops of pearl-like spirit light. I thought the scene was absolutely breathtaking! This beautiful scene continued for almost an hour and then I followed the daoyin again to work on installing the spirit at the ancestral chamber practice. Pure white spirit light flowed into my bladder, then it changed to grey and enters my liver, then it changed to green and enters my heart. Then it changed into tea-like color and entered my stomach, afterward it changed into sand yellow color and entered my lungs, afterward it changed into white and entered my kidneys, afterward it changed into grey and entered my bladder and finally it was still grey and entered my lower field.
The ancients said that the five elements have their respective five colors, this is absolutely true. I was absolutely awestruck by their wisdom.
Evening: I went to see the tomb of Liu Yiming. No one ever took care of the tomb and the place had been abandoned for a long tim. I felt very sad seeing this since I read his annotation of the Wu Zhen Pian before and I had respect for him. There was a really thick pine tree besides the tomb so I practiced Ping Heng Gong in front of it. When I did closed-eye zhan zhuang, spirit light immediately appeared in front of me. The qi here was different from the old divine tree, they were like misty pearls. After collecting them into my lower field and worked on the five elements, I felt for the first time qi moved vertically and horizontally inside my body. Qi in the liver moved from left to right and then from right to left and qi in my lungs and bladder moved up and down. The qi of the old divine tree shook and spun when it moved inside my organs.

Early morning: Practiced ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree, I felt that the qi wasn’t that strong today, so I recited mijue while working on the five elements. The organs vibrated slightly, the strongest one was the stomach. During zhang zhuang, I “saw” the roads and the pine trees with my eyes closed, and also the mist-covered forest. Finally under the influence of the spirit light, I spontanesouly worked on the Bagua Yi Sphere.
Morning: During meditation, I was able to see the color change of the five elements and also the surrounding area. I was meditating on the second floor but I was able to see the peope and the floor of ground level.
Afternoon: During meditation, I had experienced a new phenomenon, my mind was very clear but I wasn’t able to hear anything from the surrounding. But after a while I was able to hear the daoyin again. I then saw within light-yellow spirit light, there was a rice-sized red sphere entering into my lower field. The lower field then immediately contracted and expanded slowly, like a massage, it was very comfortable.
Evening: Ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree. During the bladder phase of the five elements, my SHO started automatically and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I observe my SHO while continued to work on the 5 elements. There were influences from the two affecting each other but they still managed to be run at the same time. Five elements is small restoration cinnabar while SHO is grand restoration cinnabar, I didn't know why they appeared at the same time.

Early morning: I changed a tree this morning, it wasn’t as big and as old as the divine tree, the feeling was also slightly off. The tree appeared in front of my eyes while I was working on the Ping Heng Gong and also while I did zhan zhuang facing the opposite way. The movements of the qi inside my organs were not balanced, for example, the qi shook in my right lung while it spun in my left. It spun in my right kidney but moved in line-movement in my left.
Morning: During meditation, spirit light appeared as soon as I closed my eye, so I ignored the daoyin and retrieved the spirit light inside my body. I saw many imageries, mountains, sky, rocks and pine trees, they were very bright, just like seeing with eyes opened. During the ancestral chamber practice, the spirit light was transparent and my ability to control it was better, the condensed light got smaller. After it went down into my lower field, qi began to move between my lower field and middle field automatically.
After lunch, I took a tour of the temple where Liu Yiming cultivated, the Zizai Wo. After talking to the daoist in charge there, I entered the temple and closed my eyes to meditate, very quickly I saw yellow color spirit light. After condensing it and put it in my lower field, the feeling was quite good.
Afternoon: After the tour, I got into full lotus and gather external medicine, I wanted to continued the feeling I had in Zizai Wo. Immediately after I closed my eyes, the spirit light appeared. Condensed it and retrieved it for about 30 minutes. After the light went into my lower field, I started the five elements practice. When it got to my stomach, the SHO started automatically. So I quickly finished the cycle and to concentrate on the movement of the SHO. An idea flashed into mind at that moment, I heard the method of Macrocosmic orbit from Shen laoshi, so I immediately thought about my Yong Quan points, suddenly two streams of qi flowed up from my Yong Quan points, through my legs and into the Hui Yin point and then followed the SHO and into my lower field. A new pathway appeared: Yong Quan -> Hui Yin -> Du channel -> Ren channel. It flowed in this new path for about 20 times. While the qi was moving, it shined a bright light, it was beautiful. Finally, qi flowed in circles inside my lower field, from big to small, from one direction to the other. My lower field was burning, it was very very hot. Finally I quieted down and finished up the meditation.
Evening: Ping Heng Gong in front of the divine tree again. During the five elements cycle, qi flowed between my lower field and middle field automatically. I wanted it to stop this movement but wasn’t able to. I asked Shen laoshi afterward and he said let them move on their own.

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