Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Guidance Part 4.

After opening my Channel SHO, I realized all the books on Daoist cultivation, internal alchemy etc on the market are pretty much worthless, what they describe are so different from the actual thing. The contents of these books are mostly empty words or just speculations of the authors. Same thing on the common understanding of “Wu Wei” and “Wu Xin”(“no heart”). A common interpretation of Wu Xin is that even the heart (Xin) is gone and that’s Wu Xin. However Xin is the most fundamental element, without Xin means there is nothing. So what is Wu Xin? For example, a bottle that contains nothing, we called it an empty bottle and not that the bottle itself is gone. Follow this then the concept of Wu Xin is clear, Wu Xin meant there is no polluted conscious thoughts in the heart. The heart of shining quietly is Wu Xin, without a trace of stray thought is “quiet”, when you know immediately a though has arise is “to shine”. No stray thought is the body of wisdom, once the level of the heart of shining quietly is reached, our heart then become the heart of the universe. Lu Jiuyuan said,” The universe is our heart, our heart is the universe.” This is exactly what it means.
Buddhism and Daoism are not just about the heart, they have transcended the heart and the material world. People that have Western philosophy type of thinking all declare that Buddhism is all about the heart. If one can understand what is Wu Xin, then will he be able to understand what is the true meaning of Wu Wei and Wu Xin. They are more than the material world. The same thing can also be applied to Dandao, without actual cultivation experience, one can never understand the true extent and meaning of inner alchemy. There are only few true lineage of internal alchemy left in this world. I am extremely lucky to be able to learn the authentic internal alchemy of Master Wang Liping.

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