Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1988 - Sealed my fate with Dao at Louguan (3)

In the seminar, we also practiced Shui Meng Gong (sleeping practice) at night when we went to bed, Master Wang would daigong from a long distance away in his own room. Since the seminar was held on a mountain and far away from the cities, the strength of Master Wang's qi was especially strong. During the practice, it was common to feel coldness, hotness, numbness, lightness and heaviness etc. Many of us would also experience spontaneous movements, the body parts would shake, twitch and do many other things. Some would even walked out of bed and started doing random acts, just like one would do during sleep walking, and after Master Wang had finished daigong, they just went back to bed and sleep. During the spontaneous movements, we would also make different noises, spitting, cursing, crying, shouting and singing. This was all quite normal since under Master Wang's strong qi field, the student's body would produce internal qi rapidly and this would result in various random movements of the body. One could imagine that if this happened in a city, what would people think we were doing? Not only could Master Wang daigong from a long distance away with powerful qi, he could control the details of everyone's practice too, this can hardly be comprehended by mere mortals, only one who has studied authentic neidan and achieved a high level could he begin to fully appreciate Master Wang's power.

There was another curious phenomenon associated with the Sleeping practice: some students "dreamed" the same dreams that involved Master Wang, this happened three times.

My own experience with the sleeping practice was as follow : at first, my stomach would heat up and then after a while, my body shook a few times and then I would enter into a state of nothingness ---- comfortable, confusing, floating and warm. When I gained my conscious again, I noticed that my sleeping posture had changed and my hands formed a special mudra that i had never seen before. Master Wang had said that spontaneous hand mudras that appear during any practice must be remembered carefully, they are your own achievements and are very important to your practice. Master Wang told me later that the hand mudra is called "Protect Essence Mudra". There are 12 hand Mudras accompany the sleeping practice. Master Wang taught 9 of them, the remaining 3 are : men's "Protect Essence Mudra", women's "Protect Blood Mudra" and the husband and wife mudra. These three must be obtained by the practitioner themselves. I was glad to obtain one of the three.

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David L. Parker said...

For some reason after reading the last episode, I feel drained.
I'm very happy for you and the life you have chosen.