Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1987 - My fortunate destiny with Dao (2)

My first "Spiritual Jewels Zhineng Neigong" class with Master Wang was an unforgettable event. When Master Wang daoyin (*) daigong (**) for the first time, everyone experienced the most extreme pain, it felt like someone used a screwdriver to burrow directly into your bone marrow, It was unbearable. When Master Wang had finished, he said, "It has only been 37 minutes, look at all your faces, you are not qualified to let me daigong yet.", no one could really understand what Master Wang meant at that time. I only felt that my foundation was too weak, I was a bit ashamed to have disappointed Master Wang. After a dozen years of practice, I have finally started to appreciate the meaning of Master Wang's word that day. When we want to learn advanced dan fa (***), we need to ask ourselves : Am I well prepared? Am I qualified?

Master Wang had told us a lot of things in the class that you can't find in any textbooks. His daigong was very interesting, sometimes it was very comfortable, sometimes it hurt like hell, when he hypnotized you can hear snoring from every corner of the room, during the daoyin, the internal qi would lap around inside the body. Master Wang did not allow any sound recording, some students sneaked in sound recorders, but in the end, whoever tried to record in the class all had their recorders broken mysteriously and no one was able to record anything. They took the broken sound recorders to Master Wang, he picked them up and had a look and then said, "It works fine." He passed it to the student who then tried using it, it worked. This had happened multiple times. Only the sound recorder which belonged to the university association, who had gotten the permission from Master Wang to record the event, was able to record the class completely.

The seminar seemed to be so short. Master Wang has asked us not to see him off. I asked a friend of mine to go to the train station together ahead of time to wait for Master Wang, not too long afterward, Master Wang arrived. We chatted for a few minutes and took a few photos together before Master Wang got on the train. We stood there quietly to see the train moving away slowly. It was the first time that I understood the complex feelings one has when seeing off a love one, the sadness and the yearning. Suddenly a thought came to my mind to describe Master Wang : a true blessed saint.

The seminar was successful overall, however there were also some regrets. During the eight-day class, Master Wang had performed two experiments : one of them was to use mind power to fire up a frog's neurons pathway, the other was to use mind power to change of coefficient of superconductivity of materials. The two experiment were successful. The only regret was that the chair of the lab was away in a meeting and didn't participate in those experiments, he rejected the findings of the lab. A golden opportunity to study human body science was squandered this way. Another regret was that we took a full reel of photos, including the pictures we took with Master Wang at the train station, unfortunately they were all overexposed. We had heard rumors that unless Master Wang had agreed, he wouldn't allow his photos to be taken, otherwise, he just had to think slightly and the film would be ruined. We thought that maybe the film was damaged before the seminar, but anyhow it was regretful to lose all the photos.

After the seminar, we collected and compared notes with each other to improve our understanding. After a period of careful study and practice, I began to appreciate the breath and depth of "Spiritual Jewels Zhineng Neigong", whether it was the theory or the actual implementation, the system is complete and strong in every aspect. By comparing what we learned in the seminar to the actual "Spiritual Jewels Zhineng Neigong" (SPZN), we had only learned one method and one art and they weren't even complete. To compare SPZN with other system, it was clear that it is several levels higher than anything else. Armed with this knowledge, i stopped doing all other practices and instead concentrated on SPZN only. Surprisingly, after only two months of practice, I reached an important step of the practice.

(*) daoyin : to lead and to induce. When a master is practicing with the students, the verbal instructions on the ways to breath and other internal/external maneuvers are called daoyin.

(**) daigong : to lead a class with qi. An accomplished master can create a qi (energy) field in the surrounding to let his/her students to sit in. The qi can help squeezing and opening up the channels and points of the students.

(***) fa : method. I will use this word a lot.

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David L. Parker said...

I find it very interesting your description of the event. I have read a 1/3 of the book "Opening the Dragon Gate" and then stopped because it quit making sense to me.
And I became frustrated, thinking how can someone of may age ever hope to accomplish any of that.
But now I am returning because I understand that I'm not doing it for myself but to help other in my TCM.
Plus I can see that the only real hope for human civilization is the Dao.