Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1988 - Sealed my fate with Dao at Louguan (1)

In June 1988, Master Wang organized a seminar in Beijing. I wasn't able to go since I was busy with my thesis and the graduation defense. I did manage to photocopy the notes from my classmate who attended and other informations presented in the seminar.

On 15th, July 1988, I reported to my first job in a state-owned corporation in Lanzhou. My job officially started on the 20th August. Not so long after that, I received news that Master Wang would organize another class at Louguan. I just started my new job and I didn't have any personal connection with high level people. How was I going to attend? I asked my friends in Xian to help me, I asked them to use the name of the Shaanxi Daoist Association to send me an official invitation letter. I took the letter to see my division boss. He agreed happily to let me go, I even got all the benefits of being on an official company business trip. That's how i was able to attend the class.

Daoist transmission at Louguan has very special meaning. Since it is the mother of all Daoist temple in China, there were over 100 daoist monks who attended the event. Because of these reasons, Master Wang taught a lot more than he would otherwise do at other places; the students were especially excited by all the extra content in the classes. We even got to see some amazing power of Master Wang.

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David L. Parker said...

How lucky you are to live in such a culturally rich environment.
I feel that I'm living in a waste land in the Midwest.
There are very few people that I feel comfortable telling that I'm interesting Daoism and that I'm practicing Tai Chi and meditation.
I would love to get up every morning and go to the park and practice Tai Chi with hundreds of people.
What an exhilarating feeling that must be.