Saturday, May 29, 2010

Teaching Experience (4) - Being the teaching assistant again.

In 1992, I attended Master Wang's seminar as a teaching assistant for the second time. Same as the previous seminar, it was 20 days and over 1000 students had attended the two sessions. I was the only assistant. There were two daoyins per day, each lasted for about 90 minutes and sometimes for 120 minutes. I had became better with daoyin and daigong. But there were still some deficiencies in my teachings, it's not hard to demonstrate the movements, to introduce and explain the content of Master Wang's teachings. The key question though is "Why", why the practices are the way they are? If you don't understand something, it's best to ask. Ask "why" often so that I have to think about it and then answer it. The more questions one ask, the more knowledge one would accumulate.

The main impression I had in this seminar was amazement. Since I was the only teaching assistant, I was really tired. To relieve my work load and pressure, Master Wang had done a few demonstrations. It is actually better to call them special cultivation methods than demonstrations. For example, Master Wang had performed a mass hypnosis, once he started to tune the field, the student fell asleep one by one. Another example, human to human practice whereas two persons would practice with each other eyes closed. Once they entered the trance, they would start practicing a martial art-like form with each other. Another example was the Star formation practice, once we started, our organs would started to vibrate, it can be done alone or in a group. This had really opened my eye further, I was amazed by the wonders and depth of dandao. All these amazing things however, Master Wang only did them for "fun".

Teaching Experience (3) - The teacher learned from a student.

The first time I daoyin as an assistant in a seminar, an old gentleman opened his SHO with the help of Master Wang, that left a deep impression on me. I went to ask this gentleman about his experience but he refused to tell me anything. However after a few days, he came to find me and said that had been observing me for a few days and he believed that I wasn't a bad person so he was willing to tell me everything. He said that since his hands shakes a lot, he couldn't write anything down so he had to let me know verbally. I was of course willing to listen to him and that was actually the first time I realized that his hands shacked involuntary.

This old gentleman was a headmaster of a school and he enjoys Zhouyi. Due to an accident, half of his body became paralyzed. The old man's son knew Master Wang and so he introduced his father to him and that's how he first attended a Master Wang's seminar. The old man was an intellectual and he analyzed Master Wang's teachings very carefully. But following the requirements of opening up the SHO, he practiced step by step on each obstacle. For example, he began by practicing the length of a sitting session, when he started sitting, he couldn't sit for too long. However, in order to recover from the injuries and improve his health he endured the all the pains that came from sitting and not long afterward, he was able to sit continuously for two hours and he did it two three times a day. Then he practice on the sitting postures, from natural cross legged to half lotus and then to full lotus. Then he worked on his line of essence, from "Heaven", "Eye" and "Opening" to construct the line of essence. When he pull on his line of essence, his wife would move a stick very lightly in front of him and he was able to feel the motion, this showed that his line of essence had opened. He worked very hard on the five elements. He also practice extracting bone marrow on his own, and then one day, whenever he extracted, something would come up. In conclusion, the old gentleman has completely mastered the techniques. The first day in that seminar, which was also the anniversary since he started learning from Master Wang, due to his strong foundation and the strong qi field in the seminar, he was able to open up the SHO.

This old gentleman has taught me a lesson. He had set a goal for me, a clear but distant goal, how to teach students to open their SHO. My teaching philosophy, everything I teach would be to follow the requirements of opening up the SHO. I would continuously collect and distill Master Wang's teaching and to reflect and ponder carefully any problems that might arise. With this clear goal in mind, the remaining thing to do was to work hard on it, and through hard work, this goal shall be attained one day.